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“Digestion of the earth”
Collaboration with: Alicia King(Australia),Andreas Greiner(Germany)
The work, "Digestion of the earth" is based on the remaining building frame of a house that was swept away by the tsunami at the final shooting location in Fukushima. This installation was an opportunity to collaborate two other.
Andreas Greiner does projects in which he causes explosions in the city, and creates other works incorporating occurrences of bacteria or flies among others. Alicia King utilizes biotechnology and non-living materials including crystals for the realization of her works.
Both of artist respond to contemporary environments suppressing the cycle of nature and generation, though they do so by approaching the living body from artificial or scientific standpoints which are different from OLTA's. This installation, using the ruined house's frame to look like a mouth, and introducing an artificial cycle to the dead and badly digesting earth, indicates a contemporary connection between the human body and nature.

Now, here, a place of horror.
Now, here, we bid farewell to blithe contentment and move, lightly though time and space.
Now, here, we exist in the material world.
Now, here, unbond.
Now, here, wherever and whenever.
Now, here, snatched away.

>>トーキョー・ストーリー2013 第一章 「今、此処」
Date: 2013.03.09(Sat) - 2013.04.29(Mon)
主催: 公益財団法人東京都歴史文化財団トーキョーワンダーサイト
Organize: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site