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《RAM PRACTICE 2020 – Online Screening》

2020 / House 2009- /

We participate in a web screening hosted by RAM Association. You can see our new work “Stories at the Cultivate House” for 3 days only. Please apply from the following website.
“RAM PRACTICE 2020 – Online Screening”
|Screening Dates|9:00 Friday 27th March – 26:00 Sunday 29th March JST
|Viewing Method|A link will be sent to those who successfully submit this form.
Takashi Kuraya / Taiyo Kobayashi / Yuji Sakamoto / Joyce Lam / Ayumi Tsuchimoto / Yuka Yamato / Takao Yoshida /
Sophi Elsamni / Shintaro Kawakami / Miku Sato / Eclipse Project / Naoki Okada /
Natsumi Aoyagi / OLTA / Naha Kanie / Woomin Hyun / Ishu Han
|Sound mastering| Ryota Fujiguchi
Organised by RAM Association, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts.
Supported by Program for Cultural and Art Promotion Utilizing Universities (2019) , Agency of Cultural Affairs.
For enquiries, please contact