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Perspective of desert island

2016 / City 2014-2016 /

Styrofoam, back light film, LED lighting, acrylic board, cage, bondage, etc.
“Port island” is an uninhabited island made by dredge soil located in the middle of the Port of Nagoya. Inspired from a discovery of a skeltonized bird, keywords of the work are “uninhabited island” and “bones”.The venue was formerly on arthopedic clinic, which strangely links to OLTA’s background that have been exhibiting works related to bodies.
In this work, a room in which a person resides was interpreted as an inhabited island, and details of the room were collected as photographs. Various objects of the room were abstracted and converted via various transformation methods, such as the 3D printer or paper-craft software, which then became returned inside the room. The room also has radiographs scattered around, taken by finding rugged surfaces of the orthopedic clinic and turning the area into a light box. Viewers will be swaying back and forth between somebody’s room and elsewhere, creating a platform of recreation and reunion.
Exhibition : Assembridge NAGOYA 2016 Exhibition
PANORAMA GARDEN Discovering Signs in an Alternative Ecosystem
Duration : 2016 Sep. 22th – Oct. 23th
Venue : Around the Nagoya Subway TSUKIJIGUCHI Station to NAGOYAKO(Port of Nagoya)Station area
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