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2018 / Hyper Popular Art Stand Play 2017- /

In the video of the monitor, the history of the modern Olympics is referred to from photographs and caricatures published in the newspaper, and actions and language in urban stadiums such as market and racetrack are shown  as humanity’s actions that has continued since ancient times. Three performers imitate gestures in response to the images on the monitor, using sponge objects that represent the city in a humanoid shape and color cones and masks  that symbolize the myths.

Hyper Popular Art Stand Play

OLTA develop from 2017 and investigate the phenomena that cause laughter in everyday life.
They will clarify the unconscious gesture of the body that occur in urban life and the random situations brought about by artificially set up temporary street objects.


Produced by OLTA
Date : 2018. October 19th  17:30- (Duration : about 40min.)
Venue : BWA Awangarda, Wroclaw, Poland
Exhibition: Limited Vision
Duration: October 2018
Venue: National Forum of Music(Wroclaw, POLAND)