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Amplifying breath and body

2024 / Hyper Popular Art Stand Play 2017- /

OLTA&Leif Holmstrand
Umewaka Noh Theatre
2-6-14 Higashinakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo-to
Live streaming
Sweden 12:00-12:45

OLTA and Leif Holmstrand are collaborating again. The performance piece is realized on a Noh theater stage (Umewaka Noh Theatre) in Tokyo and broadcasted live and shown at Malmö Konsthall. The performance at the konsthall is part of the program in connection with the exhibition “Leif Holmstrand ‒ Life of the Termites: The End” . Holmstrand and OLTA have previously performed together, then with the ten-day long performance work “Fake Bones” at Lilith Performance Studio in 2015.
“Amplifying breath and body” , a collaborative performance by OLTA and Leif Holmstrand, consists of several previous works.
The framework of this work, “Stand Play vol. 2,” was presented as a performance piece in Poland in 2018, and was based on the concept of creating actions and words from newspapers and caricatures published abroad in the early 20th century, and revealing the human body manipulated by information through the imitation of images created through the media. The concept of the project was to reveal the human body manipulated by information through the imitation of images created through the media. The performers wear masks representing animals. The performers are tied to a cradle-like structure made of sponge, which was invented in 2015 for “Fake Bones,” a collaborative performance with Leif Holmstrand, and while they cannot see what is ahead, they move forward as if in a “blind man’s fable. The performers are chained to a sponge cradle-like structure.
The performers signal to each other with gestures and cryptic language, falling asleep and waking up repeatedly amid the ambient sounds of a racecourse, a market place, or any other place in the city where frenzy and relaxation are repeated.
Leif Holmstrand created a new dress for this performance. The sound installation with bells suspended from speakers connected to microphones is a remodeled version of Inoue’s “Inner Loop,” a piece presented in Bangkok in 2018, for this performance. The sound of the bell is synchronized with breathing, and the positional relationship between the performer and the mechanism causes feedback of the sound, which is amplified steplessly.
The small voices of individuals are amplified and eventually taken over by the enthusiasm of the crowd.
Leif Holmstrand
Leif Holmstrand, born in 1972 andliving in Malmö, is a writer, artist andmusician. He made his debut in 2002with the poetry collection“Stekelgång” , the same year hegraduated from the Malmö ArtAcademy.Since then, he haspublished some forty literary works,most recently “Kartritartornet” (2023). During Malmö Konsthall’s exhibition,Holmstrand’s large book of poems “Community” , which he has worked onfor 25 years, will also be released, this time by his own publishing housePa-Parant.

photo: Kenji Agata