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Land of the Living (Game)

2021 / Land of the Living /

Having researched the history of coal mines and miners in Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture, OLTA with this game / playing installation work (the experience can be completed with either one alone, in any order) questions the “gods” believed in and the “labor” dedicated to them in the present Japan, which has passed from the world of mythology to the age of modernization, and has been swept up in the postponed Olympics and the normalized state of emergency after the nuclear accident in Fukushima.

What kind of “mine” is the city in which we live? How do we use and are we made to use our bodies and words, where are we transported to, and what are we digging up and burying there as if that is what our lives are about? The audience inside the theater will be seated inside the installation, and the audience outside the theater will be looking inward through images, both experiencing a journey that opens up a new vision of nature/city/labor.
Land of the Living GAME〈TRAILER〉
【Live talk①】Aida Family (Makoto Aida, Hiroko Okada, Torajiro Aida)
【Live talk②】Natsumi Aoyagi × Ryota Yamada
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