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Zero yen note

2015 / City 2014-2016 /

The design is based on the absence of urban dysfunction. The signs of fog out, traffic lights that do not copy the humanoid between the brains, emergency buttons that are not pushed, and overturned war abandonment. “Zero yen note” is the hommageof the work ” The great Japanese zero yen note” by Genpei Akasegawa.
Les anneaux d’un serpent sont encore plus compliqués que les trous d’une taupinière.
────“L’Autre Journal”n°l, mai 1990, Gilles Deleuze
Gilles Deleuze made the animals of the regimented society a snake.
Electrical and medical media have been spreading as the body of society.
However, when nature’s whirlpool is made, the jail collapses.

Exhibition: Snake Spiral
Duration: February 6 – March 8 2015
Venue: Nadiff a/p/a/r/t, Tokyo

Talk Event:
Guest: Kato Yoshihiro/Zero Dimension
Date: February 28 2015 18:00-20:00

Photo: Ken Kato