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Photo: Tomoaki Makino




"DOGU Man"
.Performance and Video Work
Performanced at in front of United Nations University
DOGU Man inspired from the ancient time and we find the origin landscape of the people.
From April 2012 to March 2013,OLTA participate residence program of Tokyo Wonder Site AOYAMA inTokyo.At this modern city ,OLTA search the part of the city where we find the way to present primitive.
And we perform in that researching place directly and call the spirits of the place.
At most early times in Japan(more than 10,000 years ago)start japanese art from small human sculpture that named Dogu and made by soil.A long time ago,the great portion of Tokyo was a swamp.
Dogu is discovered out of a deep stratum with a bone,etc.
Japanese culture is closely related to the ground-soil. In the soil, both death and raw have occurred and it circulates continuously.
Furthermore the ground is connected with diversity in that it consists of various materials.

Tokyo Wonder Site AOYAMA
Local Creator Residency Program

April, 2012-March, 2013

Open Studio(7 times)
28,April, 21,July, 25,August, 26-28,October, 23-24,November, 15,December, 2012

Purporse of residency

It interchanges with various artists and specialists as a base of activity (exhibition, performance, others) of the OLTA in the public exhibition institution and gallery,alternative space, clubhouse, etc in a metropolitan area, and activates activity. moreover, it is made to function as a place of the public presentation ( photo,images,text and movie) of these activities, and searches for how the work appears about an idea or various points (a concept, the production of a work, and a problem -- other) through communication in an open studio.
Moreover, the production of a work which paid its attention to location called the urban center is tried.