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Daily drawing, Daily page

2020 / Daily drawing Daily page /

This is a participatory event organized by two collectives, Artist Collective “OLTA” and Practitioner Collective “Kohonya”. Over one book, participants read out with each other in order and at the same time draw with clue of the words. Create a new margine by reading letters, listening to sounds, expressing them in lines and forms, get sucked into the world of books, trying to get away from them, and opening up relationships with a book. What they draw on are materials for example used books, a piece of wood, stones, so it start with the selection of drawing tools.The drawing I drew crossed over to another hand before I knew it, and add the touch, a new form come back.It goes around drawing like it goes around a book with reading out. Anyone can participate.Anyone can participate.
Daily drawing, Daily page vol.35
Date:24th October(Sat)2020 13:00-16:00
Book:Demura Shinichiro “Kogeitan”
Venue:Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Square, Online(Periscope on Twitter)
Tokyo-shi(history/peom) archive ZIN
Printing Biding: Hand Saw Press(RISOGRAPH)
Published:OLTA kohonya honkbooks
18p A3
Price: 2500JPY(sold out)
Daily drawing, Daily page vol.34
Date:21st September(Mon)2020 21:00-2300
Book:Toson Shimazaki“The Broken Commandment”
Daily drawing, Daily page vol.33
Date:23rd May(Sat)2020 16:00-18:30
Book:Chuya Nakahara“Yagi no uta”
Venue:Online(Zoom, MagicalDraw)
Daily drawing, Daily page vol.32
Date:26th April(Sun)2020 16:00-17:30
Book:Souseki Natsume“Ten Dreaming Nights”
Venue:Online(Zoom, MagicalDraw)
Daily drawing, Daily page vol.31
Date:24th February(Mon)2020 14:00-16:00
Book:Writing by MARY SHELLY translated by Morishita Yumiko“Frankenstein”
Venue: kohonya honkbooks
Daily drawing, Daily page vol.30
Date:15th December(Sun)2019 18:00-20:00
Book:Yun Dong-ju“Sky Wind Stars and Poetry”
Venue: kohonya honkbooks
Daily drawing, Daily page vol.29
Date:6th September(Fri)2019-8th(Mon)
DAY1 6th September(Fri)13:00-19:00
DAY2 7th September(Sat)10:00-17:00
DAY3 8th September(Sun)10:00-17:00
Book:Tatsumi Hijikata“yame ru mai hime”
Venue:Tokyo University of the arts, University Library bldg.B
Direct:Tokyo University of the arts University Library/GRADUATE SCHOOL OF FILM AND NEW MEDIA, TOKYO UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS/RAM Association, kohonya honkbooks
Daily drawing, Daily page vol.28
Date:21st March(Thu)2019 13:30-17:00
Book:Ango Sakaguchi“Isi no omoi” “In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom” “The Idiot”
Venue: Matsudai Nohbutai

Daily drawing, Daily page vol.35, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Square

<Daily drawing, Daily page vol.35>Tokyo-shi(history/peom) archive ZIN

Daily drawing, Daily page vol.34, Online(MagicalDraw)

Daily drawing, Daily page vol.32, Online(MagialDraw)

Daily drawing, Daily page vol.31, kohonya honkbooks

Daily drawing, Daily page vol.30, kohonya honkbooks

Daily drawing, Daily page vol.29, Tokyo University of the arts, University Library bldg.B

Daily drawing, Daily page vol.28, Matsudai Nohbutai