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Landscape with an Eye see a Landscape

2015 / City 2014-2016 /

“Landscape with an Eye see a Landscape”  is the motif of the the  “Landscape with an Eye” by Aimitsu who is Japanese  painter. Since 1935, he began to draw a series of lions, carrying his child back to Ueno Zoo in Tokyo. A work drawn in a form that seems to be a lion is “Landscape with Eye” and was exhibited in 1938 at the “8th Independent Art Exhibition” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. We see the landscape in paintings, but in this painting the landscape (work) is watching us (the audience). Through the tale of a work called “Landscape with Eye”, we launch the scene we are watching now.
Exhibition: TWS-NEXT @tobikan – Missing Panther
Date: 2015.02.19(Thu) – 2015.03.07(Sat
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Gallery B, B3F space 
Organize: Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
“Landscape with an Eye”