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The Japanese Ideology

2023-2024 / The Japanese Ideology /

Presented by OLTA, a Tokyo-based artist group that has developed humorous and provocative works through negotiating the systems of visual/performing arts and sociological/folklore fieldwork, The Japanese Ideology encompasses six chapters of a performative analysis of the everyday forms that the ideology takes. “There seems to be a kind of arbitrary emotion that dominates life in Japan today. […] It is up to us to take on this boring but very urgent duty of exposing the staging of this desperate and stupid tragicomedy in our present society, not just in Japan.” (Jun Tosaka, The Japanese Ideology, 1935) In The Japanese Ideology by OLTA, will this “boring” performance transform into an “interesting” one? Or will it “drag down those who think they have been freed from the Japanese ideology and pull them back in”? (Yoshimi Takeuchi, The Japanese Ideology, 1952)
Chapter 1:  Signi cance of Dream
Chapter 2:  Liberation of Gestell
Chapter 3:  Right of Death
Chapter 4:  Acquisition of Calm
Chapter 5:  Rebellion of Voice
Chapter 6:  Truth of Ideology
Text: Meguninja
Direction: Jang-Chi
Performers: Toru Inoue, Yuka Uchida, Kaoruko Oyama, Yuki Kikuchi, Takafumi Saito, Reiko Takayama, Yuka Nakagawa, Meguninja
Scenography: OLTA
Stage Design: Yoshiro Hasegawa
Music: Takako Minekawa, Toru Inoue
Illustration: Takafumi Saito
Costume: Toru Inoue
Lighting: Takayuki Fujimoto (Kinsei R&D)
Video: Yoshiro Hasegawa, Meguninja, Yuka Nakagawa, Rudo Takebe, Kazuhide Shibata
Projection: Ludo Takebe, Kazuhide Shibata(Kanagawa)
Sound: Semmei Kai, Sosaku Wakatsuki (WHITELIGHT.Ltd)
Promotional Design: Deokjun Yoon
English Surtitles: Kei Ota
Korean Translation: Keunha Cho
Direction Assistant: Ami Yoshida(Kanagawa)
Management: Kumi Hiraoka(Kanagawa), Yuko Takeda(Kyoto)
Commissioned and Produced by Yokohama International Performing Arts Meeting
Co-produced by ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Research Support: Tatsuki Hayashi, Nohana Izumikawa, Rika Uechi, Shohei Nakamura, Umihiko Matsuo (Okinawa), Deokjun Yoon, Keunha Cho (Korea), YCAM InterLab
Cooperation: Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]
Sound provider: Jun Tsutsui
YPAM2023 (
Date: 2023.12.9(Sat)-17(Sun)
Venue: BankART Station
ROHM Theater Kyoto (
Date: 2024.1.13 (Sat)、1.14. (Sun)
Venue: North Hall

YPAM 2023
BankART Station
Photo: Hideto Maezawa

ROHM Theater Kyoto
Photo: Takuya Matsumi