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Stand Play vol.1

2018 / Hyper Popular Art Stand Play 2017- /

“Stand play” is an attempt to describe things and situations that produce laugh from ordinarily life, and to replay the relationships created by the city’s functions and the body expanded by the media.A performer who put on a tabi(traditional Japanese socks), focusing on the simple use of things such as pylons and plastic bottles in the city, actions on groups such as betting, functions of signals and disaster prevention radios, and people’s gestures and conversations in those environments. They play a social role brought about by laughter in Noh theater.

Produced by OLTA
Video Camera : IIOKA Yukiko, MURATA Moena
Video Edit : IIOKA Yukiko, MEGUNINJA(OLTA)
Date : 2018. July. 23th( Mon.)
Venue : KAWASAKI Noh Theater (JAPAN)
Organized by:OLTA, Drawing lab Wroclaw, Limited Vision

Photo: INOUE Sayuki

Photo: INOUE Sayuki

Photo: INOUE Sayuki