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Landscape ripping

2012, 2014 / MEGUNINJA

Landscape ripping-Spectacle catapillar tower-(2014)
Collaboration work by Datsuo and MEGUNINJA
Photo:Inkjet print
Rebuild the relationship between cities and towers. The magnificent worm tower that crawled from the ground of the city spreads the roots in the ground without hesitation and destroys the landscape. Nourishing tower radio waves, worm towers will continue to proliferate, new worlds will prevail.
Date:October 17ー26, 2014
Venue:Shibuya PARCO
Exhibition:MEC Award 2015(Media Explorer Challenge Award 2015)
Date:March 7ー29, 2015
Venue:SKIP CITY Visual Museum, Saitama, JAPAN

Landscape ripping-Bug delier barrier-(2012)
Collaboration work by Datsuo and MEGUNINJA
In the city of Shibuya, a small transparent mass intersects with the lattice dome.
Pictures are drawn one after another in the view seen through the lens in the city of Shibuya.
The lines connect the world by drawing on the landscape.
Blow a whistle in a crowd. The conversation is being conducted by a whistle.
A small transparent mass made by two people meets a lattice dome, and several layers overlap.
Date:October 19ー29, 2012
Venue:Shibuya PARCO
Performance:PARCO destroyed, barrier free skype
Date:October 21 15:00-16:30
Datsuo / Aoyagi Natsumi

Landscape ripping-Spectacle catapillar tower-

Landscape ripping-Bug delier barrier-