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Hands that Swallow Even the Waves

2019 / SAITO Takafumi

Held a solo exhibition "Hands of Waves" on the theme of "the sea" that he has been thinking since the Great East Japan Earthquake. In the solo exhibition, micro plastic samples were collected at Omori Beach (Tokyo) and Kujukurihama (Chiba), and used as the material of the work to produce three-dimensional works reminiscent of "the sea" such as surfboards and Kamaboko(processed fish paste).
 In micro plastic, mass-produced plastic flows out into the sea as waste, is trapped in waves, becomes powdery, and is accumulated inside life in the food chain. Citing from Federico Fellini's movie "Kasanova", this cycle was newly conceived from the scene where the main character Casanova and the participants go around the womb using a projector in the cage of a creature.
The installation is a narrative works that breathes into the immobile creatures of the sea and revives again while collecting large and small units and recovering the spread of incised material.

Exhibition:Hands that Swallow Even the Waves
Date:January 30 – February 10, 2019
Venue:Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo