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Performance “campfiring” planned by Marina Lisa KOMIYA and MEGUNINJA.

Performer:Akira Aoki, Ayaka URA, Kanie Naha, Kirokugakari(Manami Seki+Akiko Tamaki), Daisuke Kuroda, Marina Lisa KOMIYA, Aoi Tagami, Takuya Takemoto, MEGUNINJA, Shota Yamauchi, Yuu Yamamoto, Ad Mornings(Taro Karibe, Ayumi Tsuchimoto, Yuka Yamato, Zoé Schellenbaum, Jang-Chi, etc.)

Date:2020.9.17.(Thursday)22:30ー5:00 ※If typhoon come, we cancel to perform. If rainy day we carry out the performance.
Venue:Tokyo(Outdoors) ※We will email you the location details after booking.
Entry fee:2000Yen(Blue sheet, food)、by appointment only(Sold only online)
Admission restriction:50 people
Planner: Marina Lisa KOMIYA, MEGUNINJA (OLTA)


About the venue
・After booking, we will email you the location details.

About infectious disease measures
・We have alcohol disinfection.
・As it is an outdoor viewing, it is up to the individual to wear the mask, but if the distance from other people is short, please wear the mask.

About eating and drinking
・We have meals but you are free to bring your own.

About SNS and shooting
・It is prohibited to shoot the performance and show the location on SNS.

※Please refrain from making a reservation if you have a high fever of 38 degrees or higher or if you are not feeling well.