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Hyper Popular Art “STAND PLAY”

2020 / Hyper Popular Art Stand Play 2017- /

OLTA, who have cut their daily life from a humorous and critical glance and play unconscious behavior in the city as a person and thing, perform “Hyper Popular Art STAND PLAY” in Kyoto near the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
“Hyper Popular Art Stand Play” , which has been developed since 2017, creates stories through the functions of cities and the gestures and conversations of people in those environments.
The stage designed from the structural model of the New National Stadium JAPAN is reproduced in the theater, and “acting by ourself” and “watching what they perform” stand up in a nested structure among the actor and the audience, the city and the theater.
Venue: ROHM Theatre Kyoto, North Hall
Date: 2020. 2/8(Sat) 15:00, 2/9(Sun) 18:30, 2/10(Mon) 19:00, 2/11(Tue) 14:00
Concept, Script, Costumes, Stage & Art Direction: OLTA
with: Mayumi ARAI, TAKAHASHI ‘Takakhan’ Seiji, Akiko TAMAKI, Yu YAMAMOTO
Director: Jang-Chi
Actors: Mayumi ARAI, Toru INOUE, Kazuhide KAWAMURA, Takafumi SAITO, TAKAHASHI ‘Takakhan’ Seiji, Akiko TAMAKI, Yoshiro HASEGAWA, MEGUNINJA, Yu YAMAMOTO
Stage Design: Toru INOUE, Yoshiro HASEGAWA
CG Design: Yoshiro HASEGAWA
Sound Design: Toru INOUE
Illustration: Toru INOUE, Takafumi SAITO
Character Design(Video): Win SAITO
Flyer Design & Illustration: Yu YAMAMOTO
Costumes Assistant: Shie MANAMINO
Producer: Eriko KAMIMURA
Lighting: Takayuki Fujimoto
Sound: Masashi KATO
Movie: Ludo TAKEBE
Technical System(Movie): Mitsuru TOKISATO
Technical Assistant: Yuka YAMATO
Video Announcement

Photo: Yuichiro Tamura

Flyer Design & Illustration: Yu YAMAMOTO